Austrian American Chamber, Inc

Austria provides interesting opportunities for international companies and investors that wish to establishing a business relationship with Europe or opening facilities, due to the geographic advantage and proximity of the emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

Please feel free to contact us while we are finalizing the Construction of this Web-site at or by telephone 407-859-9191.

2009 Callender:

17th Annual Celebration of International Heritages will be held this year on May 21st at the City Hall Rotunda. The event will be from 5:00 – 8:00 pm.

2007 Callender:

* Austrian Independance day Celebaration October 26, 2007

* Thank you for supporting the Austian Chamber, headquatered in Orlando Florida, we are proud to announce that our new facility will be open in October 2007, which is located in the Hunters Creek Area.

* We are working closely with local business to privide training and consultation for Business and Students. We should be able to offer German Classes in Orlando, free of Charge to our members. For any questions please e-mail us.

2006 Overview:

* Orlando has received an Honorary Consul
* Central Florida Finance Group Traveled to Vienna for Investment Opportuntiy
* Austrian Ambassador to the USA Dr. Eva Nowotny visited Orlando
* Orange County Chairman pronounced that October 27 is the (AUSTRIAN DAY) in CF

Foreign Minister Dr. Ursula Plassnik of the Republic of Austrian (R), and Foreign Minister Dr. Condoleezza Rice from the USA (L) meet in Belgium on February 22nd, 2005

EXIM Delegates arrive at Tallahassee Airport for International Day's Director of International Affairs and President of the Austrian American Chamber of Commerce of Florida Mr. Mario Aleksic, Chairman of the Board Dr. M. Aleksic

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (left) and President of EZ Merchant Solutions of Florida Romeo Aleksicks (right)